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August 12, 2013


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:bulletblue: As some of you know, i'm making a Hetalia RPG, HetaWonderland, and i need art work. Anyone want to draw? For those of you who have no clue what HetaWonderland is, I will tell you.

:bulletblack: HetaWonderland is basically an RPG. Yes, another RPG, that is based off of my fanfiction Follow The Pasta Down The Rabbit Hole.

:bulletblue: Plot - Feliciano (Italy) and Felicana (Fem!Italy) both seem to be bothered by something in their world. (Italy - Hetalia world) (Fem!Italy - Nyotalia World). They both go into their woods to see a white rabbit with pasta. They follow it down a rabbit hole to find themselves in a 'Wonderland'. They meet each other in wonderland. The two worlds meets. Hetalia and Nyotalia. Both worlds seem happy until an unlucky person accidently unlocks a third world hidden within wonderland.

~ What if two world were to meet?
What if they were to meet in a place called 'Wonderland'?
What if in wonderland, there was a third world, and no way out?

:bulletblack: I'm requesting art work, if people want to draw. I have many artist already working on drawings and i would love more~ Why can i not draw these drawings? It isn't that my art skills suck, i think my art is okay. I'm just not good at using Paint Tool Sai, or PhotoShop, or dA Muro, or etc. i don't have a tablet :iconyayprussiaplz: and i think that is my biggest issue right there! So any nice people that want to work on art, be my guest. Can be Tablet or Handrawn or anyway. (As long as people can SEE the some handrawn pictures have a light glare)(Would be prefered drawn online or tablet)


:bulletblue: Each character will have a special part~ I am using EVERY HETALIA, EVERY NYOTALIA, EVERY 2P HETALIA AND NYOTALIA. SO there will be plenty to draw. I will have some characters in groups and i would love it some people would draw some of the groups. Sad scenes, Yaoi scenes, Love Scenes, Funny scenes, Mein Gott NO! Scenes...These will all be in the game.

Here is a list of some - (There will be more groups)

:bulletblack: Groups

~  Belarus, Ukraine

~ Italy, Germany, Austria, Prussia

~ Fem!Italy, Italy

~ Fem!England, England, Italy, Fem!Germany, Japan

~2p England, 2pFem!England

~America, 2p Canada, Canada

~Fem!England, America, Alot of other nations

~Fem!England, Fem!America, Alot of other nations, 2p Fem!England

~Fem!Romano, Prussia, Liechtenstien, China, Ladonia

~2p!Italy, 2p!Kugelmugel

~2p!America, 2p!England

Lithuania, Poland

~2p!Russia, Belarus

~2p!Austria, 2p!Prussia, France

~Prussia, Germany, 2p!Fem!Germany

~America, England, France, Canada, Fem!Poland, Male!Vietnam, Fem!Switzerland

~Fem!England, Scottland, Fem!Scottland

~Fem!America, England, America, Fem!England

~Chibi!America, America, Chibi!Canada, Canada

I still need three title screens, and outfit designs.

:bulletblue: Outfit Designs

Yes, outfit designs. Clothes. The characters will be in their ORGINAL clothes, but as the game progresses, i would like to switch up their style. They will be fighting so their orginal clothes are bound to get dirty, ripped, or something. I'm guessing some of you have seen Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland. She has 6 different outfits in the movie. I kinda want it to be like that in the game.

:bulletblack: Updates/Changes

Scottland WILL be in this game. I know he is not an offical hetalia character but i feel that he deserves to be in the game to laugh at England's screw ups.

I know i promised a DEMO to be out by mid to late August but i can't see that happening. I shouldn't have promised. I'm sorry, but life does happen and some major family issues are popping up and they are kinda hard to ignore. The new Demo release should be out by SEPTEMBER. One month difference, and i'm actually having some difficult problems with the game. An error pops up in japanese  (/-3-)/ just lovely...



Would anyone like to join my group, it needs more members :iconyayprussiaplz:


And this will be the group the HetaWonderland will first appear.


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Ask-Hetalia-Girls Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
Admin: Fem!Italy and Italy? If it is still availavle...
AL1ttleTh0ught Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
Do you still need help?? Cause I could try and help with what you want the most, and I could definitely do some outfit designs \*q*/
FelicianaXPrussia Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student General Artist

Yep! Go ahead, knock yourself out with it :3

AL1ttleTh0ught Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
\^o^/ Is there any character(s) you want a design for first? And I assume you want the designs to be kinda wonderland inspired??? :3
HarunaIchihara Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna help too!
Here's a sample of my Hetalia can be better
XxAmuFujibioshixX Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student
Here is the first one, Italy and Germany dressed in H.R.E and Chibitalia clothes :3
1412s-assistant Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist
I'd love to help too ~~<3 just say what you need ^^ I draw everything you want you just need to describe it
xXMsHeroXx Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like to help as pretty much everyone before me~

I could work on a title screen but I don't know how well I'll do because while I am confident in my art skills I'm not the best as my art style is very... different?
yea let's go with that.

and if I was to ask to help with drawing them out (Like the 2p!America group for example) would I have to make the sprite? or just general artwork because I'm not so good with sprites... :I

also I have my own character for 2p!Wy if you're interested at all uwu
Reikoni Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hi! I would like to help you!
ArthurAndKiku Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to help, too.
Maybe I can do some outfits...?
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